Arbitr ThreatOps™:
Solutions for Incident Response and Threat Hunting
“One person’s threat intel is another person’s incident response”
Pete Hay - Founder
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The Arbitr ThreatOps platform is designed to make threat intelligence actionable. According to Enterprise Strategy Group, 85% of security professionals believe their cyber threat intel requires too many manual processes. This manual slog can include cutting and pasting threat indicators into tools, correlating threat intelligence from different sources, and creating threat intelligence reports. Arbitr automates this process with API links and our Threat Matrix that diagrams and documents your threat hunt to drive continuous security improvements and support detection engineering programs.

Arbitr’s ThreatOps platform is a new way to visually present cyber incidents over time, providing a better understanding and context to respond, remediate, and report attacks. We enable you to observe each incident across multiple planes-of-attack, understand how the attack behaves, visualize the methodology used, and see the assets created or leveraged by the attack. We enable you to see into the mind of a threat actor and create a detailed time-driven map that tracks every deception, step, process, artifact, and malicious action taken to build a complete understanding of how to respond to, remediate, and report on critical cyber incidents.